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Industry Days: IT in Banking 09/20
First State Bank

Join C/D/H's partner Mark Becker, Inge Rush, and Secure Banking Solutions Geritt Guillaume for a half day of presentations covering topics catered to the banking industry and a networking lunch. Topics include Banking in the Cloud, Cyber-Security , and Regulatory Compliant SharePoint Platforms.



"SharePoint Platforms and Regulatory Compliance: What to consider in the financial industry when deciding on SharePoint on premises, in the cloud (e.g. Azure), or Office 365 / SharePoint Online."


With different platform choices, banks and other financial services providers have to understand the related impact to their regulatory compliance requirements. This session will cover the regulatory environment and related control requirements relevant to your industry, platform-agnostic SharePoint features capable of addressing some of your control needs, as well as platform-specific considerations that will differ depending on the platform choices you are making.

"Running Your Bank in the Cloud. It can be done!"

The largest IT transformation over the past three years is the maturing of cloud technologies to replace portions of the on premise datacenters. In this session we will explore the most viable options/replacements in the cloud for on premise technology. We will discuss the roadmaps for transforming your datacenter from on premise to the cloud & look at the caveats and gotchas that banks should be aware of as the cloud technologies present new challenges for risk and compliance. This session will be presented from a practical viewpoint from someone who has worked with banks and has worked with cloud technologies.

"Patch the People! Securing Customer Data Involves Us All"

When it comes to security awareness training, it's no longer acceptable (nor is it effective) to have employees simply watch a 60-minute video on phishing once a year. So what does a good security awareness training program look like? This session will highlight some of the big trends in cyber-security, how hackers are targeting people, and ways that you can help protect yourself, your colleagues and your customers confidential customer information, no matter your role at the bank.

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