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Microsoft Teams Naming Convention

Let’s start with a question.
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Coaching Governance Committees

on Nov 13, 2018 10:04:09 AM By | Ryan Charnock | 0 Comments | Governance Technology Consulting communication Insider
Five months ago I handed off a new Office 365 environment to an inspired governance team. They had clear direction, set goals, metrics to define success, and a game plan to gather low-hanging fruit. #MyWorkHereIsFinished   Yesterday, I attend their monthly governance meeting. Coming into this meeting my curiosity was g centered around what level of success they had, and what I can do to keep them organized for the next sprint. We met in the same room we did five months ago, and I lead with the following question: Where have you had success? Everyone from the 10 person teams chimed in "Yammer"! I said "tell me about it". They went on with glowing reports about, the reduction of "All -company" informational emails, and that they have lots of engagement from users. I probed and asked "Is it just corporate communications that is posting content, or are other areas of the organization contributing?" They said "No, all the business units are posting.  Sales deals, updates from construction sites, and other 'good to know' stuff that is happening in the company".  Within the same breath the team also had clear ideas about the struggles they have had with Yammer. "Some user's don't 'DO' Yammer. They say they don't have time for that." Company culture information is not business critical and understandable if someone is in a busy season and just doesn't have time for it all.” Personally, I get it, I get busy and company culture takes a back seat to my more pressing needs. This is why I like having this information segmented into a single App or area. So when I do I have time I can choose when I engage with that content. If it came into my inbox as email, it would just be noise and add more for me to manage or distract me during a busy season. The key is being empowered to choose when is a good "appropriate" time to review and engage with the broader organization.   I followed up with the question "What would you like to do about those who are Not-engaged and are missing out?" The team quickly spun up a few ideas, like: Each department champion going one-on-one to make sure that everyone is aware of what content is on Yammer, and they know how to use the tool and set up the notifications that fit their tastes.  That sounded like a great idea. Notice I didn’t come up with the idea the team did. So then I changed gears away from Yammer and went more general. "What has not gone well?" they said "There has been a lot of change over the last five months. We have a new Executive team that is not located here at the corporate offices in Michigan." Now THAT is a challenge. A few things rattled through my mind:
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Take Advantage of Microsoft Flow Timers

Timers are helpful as a reminder to trigger us to do other actions. For example, if you set a timer when cooking pasta to make sure it’s al dente, you turn off the heat when the timer rings. It’s very much the same when it comes to Microsoft Flow; the timer can be very handy. Microsoft Flow has a whole series of timers that are built into it or things you can use to trigger the next action.
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It's not magic, just Microsoft Teams Shortcuts

on Nov 1, 2018 4:32:51 PM By | Ryan Charnock | 0 Comments | Collaboration Microsoft Teams Microsoft
How often do you use shortcut commands such as Ctrl + C or Ctrl + V? Mostly likely a lot, or more than you can count. The truth is learning how to use to shortcut commands help us as users to familiarize with the system and use it. Same goes for Microsoft Teams! If you are struggling to find documents, things, or functions in Teams check our these shortcut commands. You may find they make it easier to embrace Microsoft Teams.  
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Quick and Dirty Reporting for SharePoint 2013 Applications - Part 2

on Mar 26, 2018 7:33:00 AM By | Ryan Charnock | 0 Comments | Microsoft SharePoint Application Development
Figure 1:  On the left is a Report Builder Chart to show the total number of task in each status. On the right is the standard Task list which is the data source for the chart.
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Quick and Dirty Reporting for SharePoint 2013 Applications - Part 1

on Mar 19, 2018 12:12:18 PM By | Ryan Charnock | 0 Comments | Microsoft Office Application Development Microsoft SharePoint
Figure 1:  On the left is a Report Builder Chart to show the total number of task in each status. On the right is the standard Task list which is the data source for the chart.
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The Yammer Hammer

on Feb 22, 2018 11:31:19 AM By | Ryan Charnock | 0 Comments | yammer content management Enterprise Social
Focus the Yammer’s purpose to communication, by removing file management features.
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SharePoint Migration and History

on Jan 15, 2018 5:17:31 PM By | Ryan Charnock | 0 Comments | Migration SharePoint Microsoft
As promised, here is my follow up blog to last week's #FiveMinuteFridays.
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Nintex User Group Recap: Simple workflows can use simple approaches

on Nov 22, 2017 12:01:21 PM By | Ryan Charnock | 0 Comments | Nintex Workflow Forms SharePoint
Sometimes technology makes some scenarios worse.
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