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Microsoft Operations Management Suite: OMS

Posted by Jodie Gaver | Oct 17, 2016 11:40:00 AM

Microsoft Operations Management Suite is a cloud based monitoring solution that enables greater control, visibility and security across your hybrid cloud.


* Monitor from any browser or smart phone

* Simple, intuitive and useful

* Free basic membership

* Automate tasks using runbooks and graphical workflow-authoring tools

* Easily backup your data and applications

* Enhance protection of workloads, servers and users with audit, breach analysis, and malware and system update assessments.

* Log analytics


OMS monitors via an agent installed on each endpoint with a Workspace ID and Primary key that ties back to the Microsoft Account.


(Operations Manager is not necessary but does add additional monitoring features)


The agent sends data from event logs as configured in the OMS dashboard. In addition to all the built in queries, it’s simple to customize additional.

The Dashboard offers multiple “Solutions” including “My Dashboard” that is highly customizable.


As you click into each Solution, the data becomes more granular as viewed in a PC browser


Monitoring from you smart phone allows for more opportunities to know what it going on in your environment. Finally, something useful to do other than checking email during those long meetings!

The solutions generate more detail and offer specific action(s) to take. This example on an iPhone shows the number of, KBID and title of the missing updates.


OMS offers the solutions needed in today’s physical and virtual worlds that meet the needs for tomorrow.

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Written by Jodie Gaver