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Viewing Documents in SharePoint on Mobile Devices

Posted by C/D/H Consultant | Mar 24, 2014 9:48:00 AM

"I need to go back to my desk to view that file"

If this is something that has come up in conversation with your co-workers, while trying to get work done, it can quickly become frustrating.  SharePoint enables you to collaborate with customers, co-workers and vendors.  However, if you are working with file types that aren't immediately portable to all devices, the experience is crippling to efficiency.  PDF, HTML and TXT files work just fine no matter what you are doing.  What about AutoCAD and the DWG file extension?  Which version of Microsoft Word?  DOC or DOCX?  Do you have a fax machine or fax service that sets up email connectors to deliver the received documents to a SharePoint document library?  

Accusoft, one of our partner organizations, has the best product on the market to help solve this problem.  The Prizm Content Connect (PCC) for SharePoint HTML5 Document Viewer -

It offers users the ability to view 300 different file types and file extensions -

300!  300 variances of Text, Graphic, CAD, Presentation, Spreadsheet, Email and Fax file formats that can be at your fingertips quickly, remotely, and clearly - on mobile devices.  And if you need additional ability to provide review, comments, markup or redaction your collaboration experience gets that much better.  It can do it.

Depending on your circumstances, the licensing costs far outweighs the amount you might need to spend to license individual software licensing to view all the various document types that your organization might deal with.

Want to learn more?  Visit their website at

If you are reading this blog article in time, there is a webinar on 3/26/2014 at 11am Eastern Time.  You can sign up here -  If you are reading this after 3/26/2014, Contact Us ( to learn more information.          

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Written by C/D/H Consultant