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Financial Services Firm Simplifies Technology Requests with Robust Workflows

Posted by C/D/H Consultant on Jan 7, 2015 11:18:00 AM

Business Challenge

A Michigan-based financial services firm was struggling to manage IT service requests and with so many coming in, some were falling through the cracks and not getting done. Typical requests involved performing network reboots, software updates, impromptu environment resolutions, and other events that affected users.


C/D/H and the firm collaborated and ultimately recommended a user-centric notification and approval workflow solution to kick off and automate IT change requests.

Leveraging the client's existing SharePoint installation, the solution allows users to complete a simple form for adding change requests. Next, Nintex, a leading workflow tool for SharePoint, is utilized to shepherd the requests through a two-stage approval process.

The first stage requests comments from select staff on the change request. The staff members input their comments, questions, and concerns. If the staff member does provide a comment within three (3) days, the request is automatically approved using Nintex's escalation feature.

The second stage asks the IT manager group for approval based on review of the comments from the staff members from the first stage. The IT manager then approves or disapproves the change request. Once approved the originator receives notification of the status.

This notification and approval workflow is a five (5) day process. Three (3) days are allowed for comments to be made and two (2) days are allowed for management approval. If there is a need for a request to be approved sooner than five (5) days, there is an ability to flag the change request as an emergency request, which skirts comments from staff and approval from management.


Increased Reliability - By utilizing Nintex's long-running workflow, automatic reminders are sent out so that the request is not "lost in the shuffle."

Increased Insight - Reports can be generated for the requests including:

  • What requests have been made
  • Which are awaiting approval
  • Which are awaiting task completion
    • What requests have been made
    • Which are awaiting approval
    • Which are awaiting task completion
  • Increased visibility - Upon approval the event is added to a SharePoint calendar where everyone can view upcoming as well as past requests.

Topics: SharePoint, Workflow, Nintex