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Blue Sphere, Division of C/D/H, Wins Corp! DiSciTech Award

Posted by C/D/H Consultant on Apr 22, 2015 11:37:00 AM

Grand Rapids, MI— Corp! Magazine has named Blue Sphere Solutions, a division of C/D/H an Innovation at Core of 2015 DiSciTech Award winner. The sixth annual DiSciTech awards honored 53 companies who embraced innovation, research, applied science and digital technology to further advance their organizations.

QuickTix is the innovative solution that earned the DiSciTech award. It helps employees with time-entry and tracking throughout the workday, giving more accuracy and reliability to customers.

"Our solution impacts employee well-being by only having to do a quick scan and submission as the final task of their work week, rather than having to re-construct each slice of time throughout the week," said C/D/H Partner and Blue Sphere CEO, Chris Hashley.

Blue Sphere is not the only division of parent company C/D/H to have won a DiSciTech award,Coil Group another division of C/D/H won the award in 2014 for Stage, a mobile app tool for customer relations management (CRM) with a mobile sales catalog.

Both Blue Sphere and Coil Group merged with C/D/H in 2014, bringing together the talented employees of each company and allowing for continued innovation and success in the digital, science and technology sector.

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QuickTix is an Outlook 2013 application that allows users to create tickets and enter time against their ConnectWise account – without needing to leave Outlook. The spirit of the application is to minimize the time technicians spend generating tickets and entering time, while maximizing their efficiency and allowing more time to actually "work" on service tickets. QuickTix contains an easy-to-use, moderately featured interface nested within an email message—showing only applicable fields for what technicians need to accomplish and therefore simplifying the ticket/time entry process. More detail on QuickTix can be found at


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