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C/D/H Celebrates 25 Years in the Technology Industry

Posted by C/D/H Consultant on Apr 1, 2015 11:58:00 AM

Grand Rapids and Detroit, MI— C/D/H, a technology-consulting firm known for highly usable, functional and scalable technology solutions, proudly celebrates its 25-year anniversary.

In 1990, Michael Conway, Keith Dierking, and Paul Hillman created Conway, Dierking and Hillman where they sought to solve technology problems both professionally and creatively. The vision for the firm then, and now, is to "find and solve the toughest business challenges with user-centric technology solutions."

Quickly outgrowing their original office, Conway, Dierking and Hillman moved to downtown Grand Rapids in 1992. In 1997, the name was abbreviated C/D/H to reflect increasing focus on a growing base of talented and skilled consultants, rather than just the founders.

"Having been here since the beginning, it is hard to believe 25 years has gone by so quickly.   I'm pleased that the original values that we thought would differentiate us when we opened the doors are just as important today.   We felt if we employed the top technology professionals focused on making technology easy to use for our clients, we could distinguish ourselves from the competition.   We paired that approach with participative management techniques while attempting to conduct our business using the highest level of ethics we could envision.   It is gratifying to know that the values that got us here are just as important now as they were 25 years ago; and as they will be for the next 25 years," said founder Paul Hillman.


Over the years, the partners at C/D/H have changed. Today, the founding partners have all since retired and a new partner team made up of Mark Becker (joined the firm in 1995), Susan L. Cotts (joined the in 1997), Jim Brown (former owner of Coil Group), and Chris Hashley (former owner of Blue Sphere Solutions). Over the last 25 years the firm has grown and expanded, now having offices in both Grand Rapids and Detroit and employing the state's most creative and professional technology consultants.

With the new leadership team, built on the legacy of the founders, the company saw 15% revenue growth in 2014 and successfully merged with Coil Group and Blue Sphere, adding talent and expertise in UX and mobile and web software development.

The firm is making a strong push into its third decade by delivering usability consulting, technology strategy engagements, cloud migrations, mobile software development, ecommerce rollouts and engaging employee collaboration portals. "We will continue to grow by hiring and grooming great people who have a passion for finding and solving the most challenging business problems with our user-centric technology approach," adds C/D/H partner Mark Becker.

C/D/H is a leading provider of business-to-business IT solutions fueling both the enterprise and its people. Known for efficiency and user-centered design and functionality, C/D/H ensures clients never have to choose between innovation and function. C/D/H aims to strengthen the bond between business and technology with applications, infrastructure, cloud, application development, project management, mobility and unified communication services. C/D/H seeks to keep its clients up to date with emerging technologies while ensuring the user experience is at the forefront.