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C/D/H Experiences Growth, Expands Team and Talent

Posted by Mark Becker on Apr 28, 2015 11:41:00 AM

Grand Rapids and Detroit, MI— With software and online services one of the fastest growing industries, it is not surprising that Michigan-based firm, C/D/H is experiencing significant growth. A leading technology consulting company, C/D/H is leveraging Michigan's resurgence to expand its expertise and services. In 2014, the company saw 15 percent revenue growth with more than 20 percent of growth in the last four months alone.

"We are seeing a great deal of opportunity in delivering innovative business-to-business and business-to-employee IT solutions that improve efficiencies and ultimately positively impact people's work environment," said Susan Cotts, Partner at C/D/H. "C/D/H looks forward to continuing to strengthen its services to meet and exceed the needs of our clients."

In the past year the company has announced two mergers; one with Blue Sphere, a Grand Rapids-based company with expertise in user-centric SharePoint, application development and Cloud consulting. The other merger was with The Coil Group, which added world-class talent and a thriving mobility and UX business. More recently, C/D/H announced a partnership with AppZero to assist clients to migrate from Windows Server 2003 to an alternative platform or the Cloud.

Additionally to support C/D/H's growth, the company has recently expanded its team with the addition of five new employees:

Aaron North, Development Consultant - North, joined C/D/H as an intern while he completed his Bachelors of Science degree at Grand Valley State University. Upon completion in May 2014, the company brought him on board in a full-time capacity to work with application migration and consolidation, SharePoint, application development, and user experience (UX) design. He is based out of the firm's downtown Grand Rapids office.

Dean Bostedor, Infrastructure and Cloud Consultant – Bostedor joined C/D/H in November 2014 as part of its Infrastructure and Cloud team. Bostedor brings with him five years of solid experience in the IT field as a network and systems administrator. He is based out of the firm's downtown Grand Rapids office.

Steve Bostedor, Infrastructure and Cloud Consultant – Bostedor joined C/D/H in February 2015 as part of its Infrastructure and Cloud team. Bostedor brings with him over 15 years of IT experience as a network engineer and administrator, as well as significant software development experience delivering unique solutions for clients. He is based out of the firm's downtown Detroit Office.

 Both Dean and Steve were added to the team to work with Microsoft systems such as Azure and System Center and cloud services such as Amazon Web Services and Office 365.  C/D/H's infrastructure and cloud team work to design and implement time saving systems so that clients may better use IT staff for critical projects rather than day-to-day maintenance.

Camille Barzey, Collaboration and Workflow Consultant – Barzey joined C/D/H in February 2015 as part of its thriving SharePoint practice. Barzey brings with her significant experience in the design and deployment of successful SharePoint projects. She is based out of the firm's downtown Detroit office.

Marie Monaco, PMO Consultant – Monaco joined C/D/H in March 2015 as part of its successful project management team. She brings with her extensive experience in technical consulting and project management. Operating out of the firm's Detroit, Michigan office, Monaco will oversee projects to ensure clients are receiving promised deliverable in a timely fashion and that consultants have the resources available to deliver.

"With locations in both the west and southeast regions of Michigan and a focus on both function and innovation, it is critical that we add the highest level of aptitude to our team," added Cotts. "We are excited to have these talented people join our team and support our clients.

C/D/H is a leading provider of business-to-business IT solutions fueling both the enterprise and its people. Known for efficiency and user-centered design and functionality, C/D/H ensures clients never have to choose between innovation and function. C/D/H aims to strengthen the bond between business and technology with applications, infrastructure, cloud, application development, project management, mobility and unified communication services. C/D/H seeks to keep its clients up to date with emerging technologies while ensuring the user experience is at the forefront.

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