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At C/D/H we have two passions – our clients and their technology needs. We excel at crafting and delivering solutions that allow our clients to achieve their business goals. This has been our story for 26 years—imagining, architecting and creating technical solutions that make businesses stronger. We understand the challenges you face and we know how to use technology to help you overcome them.

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  • State Court System Manages User Identity in Cloud Based Application

    Organizational Challenge Migrating to a hybrid cloud infrastructure meant increased sign-on complexity for users, causing dissatisfaction with the new systems. Additionally, the client had the requirement of only granting access to SharePoint services in Office 365 while also restricting authentication to when they were connected to the state LAN.

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  • Vectren: UX Roadmap

    Project Initiation Vectren, a large regional electric and gas utility, needed to re-develop their field technician’s applications. C/D/H was engaged to help in the design of a new service workflow application, as well as outline a process for incorporating a user-centric process throughout other areas of application development. By demonstrating and educating our client about how user research and validation can be continuous activities, we aimed to drive better product development into the future.

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