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Posted by Jack LaPan | Mar 5, 2018 8:19:34 AM

6 Ways a High Performance Intranet Connects Team Members – and Builds a High-Performance Organization

“Employee engagement” is a term you’ll see a lot these days – generally from anguished managers concerned about their disengaged workforces, or from the ranks of consultants eager to jump in with a quick fix to the problem. You probably won’t hear much about it from employees.  They don’t care about “employee engagement.” At all.

What they do care about: Having a convenient, effective way to get the information they need, make their voices heard, share ideas, and get their work done. The same things they always cared about, but which weren’t a problem in the days when everyone worked under the same roof at the same time.

In the era of the mobile, geographically-dispersed, always-on digital workplace, that’s not the case anymore. The essential sense of human connection, whether for practical, operational or personal purposes, is often frayed almost to the point of snapping. In practice, that saps productivity, deflates morale, and robs the organization of momentum as employees operate in isolation, or check out altogether.

It’s not about “engagement.” It’s about access, connection, and empowerment – all essential to a high-functioning workforce – and it’s up to employers to provide the tools and systems that make it possible. In theory, a workable Intranet should be a big part of the answer; in practice, though, some very specific capabilities can make a vital difference in the degree to which a company’s workforce embraces and benefits from an Intranet solution.

Ease of Use

Probably nothing will kill an Intranet more quickly than a cumbersome user interface and/or poor performance. Put simply, nobody’s got time for that: People have work to do, and they want to get the information they need now. Time spent figuring out how to navigate the system or waiting for a search to run is time wasted – and people won’t put up with it. Speed, responsiveness, and ease of use are cornerstones of success.

Advanced Communication Capabilities

Obviously there’s a lot of difference between talking face to face and exchanging emails. Relying on text only to get messages across has two unfortunate consequences: User boredom and loss of nuance. Multi-media communication, like interpersonal interaction, is highly dynamic; images, audio, and video can convey emotional energy and layers of meaning that static text cannot. The value of all of these increase further when it becomes possible for all users to use these tools, becoming content contributors rather than merely audience members.

Technological Transparency

An Intranet’s value to users increases proportionately to the degree it inter-operates seamlessly with the tools and technologies they already use. Does it work on their personal tablet or smartphone? Does it play nicely with standard office applications and communications systems, such as email programs, calendars, and scheduling tools? If it weaves seamlessly into employees’ daily workflow, it’s more likely to become a central element of their activities.

Collaborative Capability

Most people don’t work well within a vacuum, and most organizations depend on the interdependence of their employees. Collaboration is how work gets done – and your Intranet should provide a framework for it to happen easily and effectively. The ability to organize work groups, laterally share information and documents, and work collaboratively on shared projects enables employees to leverage each others’ strengths and accelerate project progress.

Smart Social Integration

Your employees can provide a powerful means of magnifying your company’s messaging through their personal social media channels. Sharing selected company content through your Intranet along with the ability for your employees to easily pass it along to their own contacts extends your messages’ reach.

Smart Teamworking Functionality

Enabling employees to create team groups for dedicated projects, concepts, or initiatives – with appropriate administrative oversight – is a powerful way to unlock individual initiative and foster effective collaboration.

Chances are that your employees already share the common goal of working as productively and efficiently as possible. Given the right consideration and the right functionality, your Intranet can do a lot to make it happen.

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Written by Jack LaPan