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Don't Reinvent The Wheel

Posted by Jerry Dwinell | Oct 4, 2016 3:08:28 PM

 The Power of Leveraging Services

Have you ever discovered after having written a piece of code; that someone else in the organization already had a routine to do what you just wrote? How many hours have been duplicated writing things that already exist? Now, expand that beyond your organization and you'll begin to see the scale of the wasted hours of reinventing wheels.

Enter the World of Services


Services are API's that expose encapsulated functionality that you can leverage. Services are offered by Microsoft via Azure and the Azure Marketplace, by Amazon in AWS, or by a host of smaller or specialty providers. Need Speech to Text solutions? Need Language Translation? Need Face Detection? Need Predictive Product Recommendation? Need Weather Forecasting? All this and more are available via Service APIs. Many of these services are FREE (or are near-free).

We break out Services into three categories: Macro, Micro and Atomic.

Macro Services

Macro Services are defined as having many functions and many methods. Things like SharePoint and Azure are examples of Macro Services. You're probably already using some of these.

Micro Services

Micro Services are defined as having one function with many methods. Examples of these would include:

  • Enterprise Search
  • Business Intelligence
  • Document Management
  • Workflow
  • Wikis/Blogs
  • Cognitive Services

Often, Micro Services are comprised of many Atomic Services.

Atomic Services

Atomic Services are defined as having one function and one method. These would include things like language translators, data verification services (phone, address, credit cards, etc...), weather services, speech services, predictive modeling services, analysis services etc... Sometimes, the computing power needed for these services would make it cost-prohibitive to build yourself.

Orchestration - The Art of Composing Services

The real trick to leveraging services is to first know that they exist; second, know where to find them; and third, know how to seamlessly integrate them into your solutions. We call that Service Orchestration. We are experts in leveraging these services to solve your business needs, all without reinventing any wheels.

For a fun example of the composition of some of these services; check out http://how-old.net. View the video by the author sharing the story behind this viral Internet site or view the actual presentation that launched the largest mobile viral application to date.

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Topics: Software Development

Written by Jerry Dwinell