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Career Opportunities

Collaborate with passionate professionals and solve the toughest problems.

We believe in being humble, hungry and smart.

These three indispensable virtues, identified in "The Ideal Team Player" are key aspects of our firm values and culture:


Being humble means being courteous and respectful, letting go of ego, and celebrating the success of others. Collaboration is a crucial value at C/D/H, and we are constantly learning from our peers, sharing credit, and engaging in active collaboration.


Hungry means eager, excited, and passionate. We’re self-motivated, ambitious and are constantly seeking out what is next. We want to learn, grow and thrive. Hungry people are willing to take on responsibility, put in hours, and do whatever it takes.


Smart doesn’t just equate to intelligence. It is efficiency and intuition. We expect common sense and good judgment. Smart people at C/D/H relate well to others, excel in diverse groups, and are infinitely resourceful.
Our team members live our culture and our values every day in their work, solving the toughest business challenges with user-centric technology solutions. We believe in working hard and celebrating success. If you’re interested in developing new skills, taking on new challenges and working with other professionals who have a passion for engaging with people, let’s talk.
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Active Collaboration

C/D/H values two-way, collaborative communication, through continuous interaction with each other and with you. We promote active collaboration when we are together, and through the online tools we provide you.
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Continuous Improvement

Our consultants strive for improvement and are committed, encouraged, rewarded, and required to constantly better their skills. We share new knowledge with each other, so we can collectively bring it to you.
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Unquestionable Fairness

C/D/H brings honesty, trust, integrity and reliability to our working relationships. From our daily communications to the work being performed, our documentation and our billings, we will always treat you fairly.
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Genuine Commitment

C/D/H isn't just where we work, we give our best every day. This commitment extends to you before, during and after a project.

Current Openings

We currently aren't filling specific positions, but we're always interested in receiving new resumes. Send us yours, and we'll reach out when a position opens.

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